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Sandy Adventure: Fraser Island Tour

Fraser, I miss you already. I miss your natural beauty, your gentle breeze, your soft sand and your precious lakes. I miss how, while we are speeding on your beaches by four wheel drive, the waves scroll on the sand like little fingers made of foam. But lets start from the beginning: My trip to Fraser Island, the largest sand island in the world, turned out to be an awesome and unique experience. You get to drive these big cars, which can go on whatever ground: bumpy tracks in the forest, small rocks, water, deep sand. Well I didn’t, because I didn’t bring my drivers license to Australia – so keep in mind: Take yours on your travel, even if you are not thinking to use it. When driving on the beach, they tell you to watch out for deep sand, small rivers, the waves washing up, people, dingos (a wild type of dog, who lives on the island and can be dangerous IF you are on your own) and even planes, who might land …